Attendees: Mike Bevis, Brad Drager, Dan Drago, Rob Fortman, Erin Harris, Erin Henry, Brian Jarvis, Craig
Kigar, Joe Madden, Deron Schwieterman, Chad Watchorn
The board approved the Minutes from the Board of Directors meeting held September 19 th , 2017. We
also reviewed the proposed 2017/2018 financial budget prepared by Joe Madden. We decided to
allocate funds to support 6 months of monthly meal preparation at the Ronald McDonald House of
Dayton (RMHD). We then voted to accept the proposed budget as modified.
Our efforts to provide dinner at the RMHD have been successful and appreciated, according to the staff
at the RMHD. We decided to limit our current commitment to 6 months (through March 2018) then
determine whether to continue. Mike, who is a strong advocate for the Children’s Medical Center which
is served by RMHD, nonetheless noted that the dinners primarily but not exclusively serve children and
families outside of Greene County. Thus, he suggested we consider a more Beavercreek-centric activity
as well, perhaps filling bags for Feed the Creek. Erin Harris will contact her friends at Feed the Creek to
see how we could become involved. Also, we may ask that everyone bring a couple of cans to our
December general meeting for Feed the Creek (more information later).
Joe reminded us that dues are now due. He’s only received dues payments from a few members.
We have speakers arranged for December: Heather and Kevin Cornell discussing Science, Technology,
Engineering, Art and Mathematics – STEAM. For January we may invite Nicole Switzer, Greene County
director for the United Way of Greater Dayton. For February we’re trying to arrange a special
presentation from Cassie Barlow on local STEM initiatives, perhaps setting up in a larger venue that The
Greene Community Room.
Deron has passed along the Essay and Oratorical information to our Beavercreek High School JOI club
faculty advisors, Kara and Jessica. He will also get this information out to other Greene County high
schools, parochial schools, and perhaps home school parents. At the Zone level we may have
competitors sponsored by the New Carlisle Optimist Club. The Oratorical contest is scheduled for
Tuesday, February 13 th , in the Main Elementary Auditorium.
Craig noted that, for the Avenue of Flags (AOF) project, we need to repair some flags before the
Veteran’s Day deployment. Mike suggested we purchase a few more signs to help generate more
community interest in the 2018 AOF campaign. Mike will also take out an advertisement in the
Beavercreek News Current. Dan will distribute updated route data to the route captains in the next few

We had further discussions on how best to address the Beavercreek Rotary involvement in our AOF
program. Numerous alternatives were suggested. Erin Henry, Mike Bevis, Dan Drago and perhaps one or
two others will meet with the Rotary president on Thursday, October 26 th , to further discuss their
Upcoming events include:
 Club Social, Thursday, October 26 th , 5:30p-7:30pm, Caddy Brew House
 Make dinner at Ronald McDonald House, Monday November 20 th , 4p to 6p
 Oratorical contest at Main Elementary, Tuesday, February 13 th , starting at 6:30p
Upcoming birthdays include Erin Henry on October 20 th , Victor Brady on October 26 th , Amy Knowlton on
October 22 nd , Victor Brady on October 26 th , and Rob Fortman on November 7 th .
Our next General Meeting is Thursday, November 2 nd , from 7:30 am to 8:30 am in The Greene
Community Room – our guest speaker will be Tabitha Peters-Guidone to discuss Art Fest. Our next
Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, November 21 st , also in the Greene Community Room –
all are welcome to attend!

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