Attendees: Tom Bargsley, Pat Behn, Mike Bevis, Wayne Botkin, Victor Brady, Clancy Cross, Brad Drager,
Dan Drago, Rob Fortman, Erin Harris, Don Henry, Erin Henry, Sandra Hessel, Craig Kigar, Amy Knowlton,
Pete Landrum, Joe Madden, Mary Madden, Pam McGill, Sean Pierce, Deron Schwieterman, Katrina
Seiter, Kay Webster, Deb Weisman
Our guest speaker was Adam Blanchard, head of Donor Engagement for the Dayton Children's
Foundation Board. For the last capital funding campaign, Adam was able to raise $27M against a $25M
target. He noted that childhood cancer survival rate has risen to 90% over the past few years. The new
wing at Dayton Children’s incorporates state-of- the-art germ management equipment and protocols.
They were able to add an outdoor play space, and plan to open the 8 th floor for additional pediatric
specialties. To control costs they’re trying to move more to outpatient treatment. The measures of
success for their efforts as a hospital is shifting from quantity (e.g. number of patients and procedures)
to quality (e.g. incidences of asthma in their target neighborhood population). The hospital performs a
community needs assessment every 3 years. This has led to the opening of a pediatric mental health
wing, along with a chronic disease prevention effort, entailing education and vaccination – all targeted
at improving the quality of life. These measures will allow the hospital to assess the effectiveness and
“bang for the buck” of their investments in the community.
Dan reported that our next flag posting is Veteran’s Day in early November. We will schedule a flag
captain meeting before then.
Victor Brady is organizing our dinner preparation event at the Ronald McDonald house on Monday
afternoon, October 16 th .
Mike Bevis announced that Rob won this summer’s membership contest status. Our primary goal is to
gain 15 new members (net) by September 2018.
Rob inducted three new members: Tom Bargsley, Amy Knowlton, and Kay Webster. Welcome!
Upcoming events include:
 Prepare dinner for Ronald McDonalds House, adjacent to Children’s Medical Center, Monday,
October 16 th , 4 to 6pm
 We’ll probably hold a club social Thursday, October 26 th , from 5:30p to 7:30p at Caddy’s Brew
House (Fairfield and New Germany Trebein)

We closed with fines, happy bucks, and the Optimist’s Creed.
UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS: Pete Landrum October 13 th , Erin Henry October 20 th , Amy Knowlton
October 22 nd , Victor Brady October 26 th , and Rob Fortman November 7 th .
Our next Board of Directors meeting (open to everyone) is scheduled for 7:30 to 8:30am on
Tuesday, October 17 th , in the Greene Community Room. The next General Meeting is scheduled
for 7:30 to 8:30am on Thursday, November 2 nd , also in the Greene Community Room.

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