Attendees: Mike Bevis, Victor Brady, Brad Drager, Dan Drago, Erin Henry, Craig Kigar, Joe Madden, Pam
McGill, Erin Morley, Deron Schwieterman, Chad Watchorn
The board approved the Minutes from the Board of Directors meeting held July 18, 2017. We also
reviewed the financial reports and proposed 2017/2018 budgets submitted by Joe Madden. We made a
few adjustments to the proposed budgets, keeping a positive balance at the end of 2017/2018. We’ll
vote on the proposed budget at the October 2017 Board of Directors’ meeting.
Part of our gifting focus will be on the Optimist International Foundation, which supports the national
scholarship programs as well as other activities, and the Ohio District scholarship fund. We voted to
immediately send $100 to the Foundation and $100 to the Ohio District scholarship fund, while bumping
up the 2017/2018 budgets for these line items.
The board voted to accept Tom Bargsley and Keith Meyer as new club members – they’ll be inducted at
the next General meeting, scheduled for September 7th. We currently have 31 active members, with the
goal of growing our membership to 46 by the end of September 2018.
Dan prepared an attendance chart which is attached along with the photographic listing of active and
prospective members. Please take a few minutes to review the chart and determine if you can contact
someone that hasn’t been attending regularly or missed the last few months. After you make contact, or
while you’re still trying, please drop a quick e-mail note to Dan designating who you contacted and their
interest in attending our meetings.
Suggestions for next year’s Kid’s Day in the Park include:
 Since we’re located at the fringe of the activities, we should walk around the park, inviting kids
to join us through flyers or personal invites or both. This year nearly 500 kids registered when
they entered the park but only 250 or 300 stopped by our booth.
 We should consider a more exciting activity than the soccer challenge. One suggestion is to
bring in a climbing wall.
Carl didn’t attend the meeting but we believe he’s planning another social for the last week of August.
Chad suggested we continue with the outreach to new members as part of these socials, but to also
consider a members-only social (spouses and significant others invited).

We’ll hold an Avenue of Flags (AOF) meeting Saturday morning, August 19th, from 7am to 8:30am at
Frisch’s Big Boy on Fairfield road, between U.S. 35 and Dayton-Xenia road. We’ve been approached by
the Beavercreek Rotary club to join forces on the AOF program – discussions continue…
The member recruiting summer contest has Erin Henry with 4 pts, Craig with 6, Erin Morley with 7, Rob
with 7, and Mike with 9. I believe the cutoff for this contest is the end of September. (Please see the
June General Meeting notes for contest rules.)
We discussed how best to support the Ronald McDonald House adjacent to the Children’s Medical
Center. We’re planning to prepare dinner for 35 at the house on Monday, September 18 th . The club will
cover the cost of the meal contents, and we’ll need a number of volunteers to help shop for the
ingredients, prepare and serve the meal, and clean up afterwards. Victor volunteered to take the lead
on this activity, and will have more details at the next general meeting.
Our 2017/2018 Officer Installation Dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4 th at 5:30 pm, with the
location to be determined (TBD). All members, active and prospective along with their spouse or
significant other, are invited to attend, with each responsible for their meal.
Upcoming events include:
 AOF meeting, Saturday August 19 th , 7-8:30am, Frisch’s Big Boy
 Club Social, Thursday, August 31 st , 5:30-7pm, location TBD
 Ronald McDonald dinner, Monday, September 18 th , time TBD
 Club Officer Installation Dinner, Wednesday October 4 th , 5:30-7:30pm, location TBD
Upcoming birthdays include Erin Morley (to become Erin Harris on August 19 th ) on September 15 th , Missy
Mae Walters on September 20 th , and Deron Schwieterman on September 24 th .
Our next General Meeting is Thursday, September 7th, from 7:30 am to 8:30 am in The Greene
Community Room. Our guest speaker will be Kay Webster of the Greene County Public Library
Foundation, introducing us to Dolly Parton Books. Our next Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday,
September 19 th , also in the Greene Community Room – all are welcome to attend!

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